The Danube cycle path 2014

What was it that made Johann Strauss want to eternalise the Danube in a symphonic poem? That's a quick one to answer if you want to get to know the many faces of the river as it flows from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. But take your time! The Danube cycle path is long enough for several holidays.

The Danube begins in a magnificent basin from the 18th century, located on the Castle Fürstenberg estate. The wildness of the river as it flows through its rocky river bed between its source and the Hohenzollern town of Sigmaringen will impress you. The rocks of the banks are the foundations of the former castle here. In Bavaria the river tends to reflect the more relaxed local atmosphere: the valley widens and historic houses line the banks of the river. Ulm, with the highest church tower in the world, Ingolstadt with its old fortifications and now a modern automotive town, Weltenburg Monastery, destination for many a pilgrim and castle lover and the UNESCO World Heritage town of Regensburg are all to be found along the Danube cycle path. In Lower Bavaria the Danube winds its way through the Bavarian Forest and the hops fields of Hallertau towards Passau.

The source of the Danube, Donaueschingen Cyclists in the Danube Valley

In Austria, Strauss’ melody of the beautiful, blue Danube can not only be heard but seen. It's not without good reason that the tour between Passau and Vienna is so popular. Linz awaits you as Europe’s capital city for culture, as do the romantic Schlögener Loop and the Nibelungen and Wachau countryside. This is where tiny villages nestle into sun-kissed vineyards, watched over by magnificent castles and monasteries. The route takes you pedalling across the level Tullner flatlands towards Vienna. A trip by carriage is the best way to get a first impression of this wonderful metropolis.

Grein Market Melk Abbey

If you think Vienna is beautiful – the Danube cycle path in Slovakia and Hungary is practically unrivalled. Expansive meadowland, cornflowers and poppy fields, the capital city of Bratislava, dreamy little farming villages and time-honoured towns line the banks of the river. Budapest awaits you to crown your tour reflecting all the pomp and circumstance of the Habsburg Monarchy. A tip for the end of your tour: just like the Viennese, people in Hungary's capital like to meet up in the town’s coffee shops.

Gellert in Budapest Hungarian hay truck


There is a lot to discover along the Danube cycle path. We look forward to hearing from you!


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